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Sports and Therapeutic Massage

Massage normalises the tonicity of muscle, improves circulation, balances joint flexibility and supports the body's immune responses as well as improving mood and encouraging a sense of well being. It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, joint imbalance, aches and pains, anxiety, depression and a sleep disorders. Manual Lymphatic Drainage can also assist post surgery and when the swelling is present

About Me

I studied massage for 2 years at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine in Christchurch, New Zealand, qualifying in 2006 and have continued my education and furthered my experience and range of treatments constantly since then.

I am a qualified Yoga teachers with BWY. This training has furthered my knowledge towards being a muscle specialist as well as giving a holistic understanding of how body, mind and spirit work in synergy. I am available for group or 1 - 1 Yoga lessons.

I enjoy working with a range of clients, from older people, who look for a more gentle massage that improves the circulation (which in turn aids organ efficiency and therefore improves general health), right through to professional sports people including international tennis players, golfers and Olympians who need deep and considered work with on going education to keep their bodies (and minds) working at high performance levels.

Busy Mum's, working Dads and young people with work or education stress all benefit from massage and ideas how they can work in the best way to suit their posture and their lifestyle.

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